About Us

Welcome to “Simply” Sue Speaks! a company designed with you in mind.

I am Sue Falcone, known as “Simply” Sue, an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer, Life Coach, and Published Author.  I am now the founder and owner of this unique one-stop resource provider of professional entertaining speakers, trainers, life coaches, and authors; going from just “me” to now a “we.”

My husband, Carmen Falcone, a former U.S. Postal Service “Working Man”, is our CFO and Business Manager. Together we are living our dream- that of “helping others be the best they can be”. Our company is based on biblical principles to honor God.  We have a wonderful prayer team that is the key foundation to our business model.

As a former AT&T Executive, and having been trained and mentored by some of the top leading experts; I realized there was a great need for professionals that could bring the “Wow” factor back into the audiences of today.

Ones that would engage, equip, and challenge people to make needed changes in their lives and have fun while doing it! People need hope, fun, and the tools needed to achieve all they can have in life.

The mission of “Simply” Sue Speaks! is to do just that:

Impacting change for a lifetime of success, by providing professional entertaining motivational speakers,  creative trainers, life coaches, and authors, to bring the “Wow” factor to local, regional, national, and international events.”

Thus “Simply” Sue Speaks! was founded and created. We have a team of professionals that are the best in their areas of expertise, and we are now making them available to you for your next event.

We want to earn your business by:

  • being easy to do business with
  • creating a one stop experience from beginning to end
  • being affordable in today’s economy
  • being prepared to handle all details of your event
  • being accessible, before, during, and after your event

You are the reason for “Simply” Sue Speaks! and we value and crave your feedback, as a satisfied customer and client.

Looking forward to serving and meeting with you, and thank you in advance for choosing “Simply” Sue Speaks!


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