Published Authors

The world of being a writer and author today is changing rapidly.  The days of  spending your time only focused on writing, and getting it published by a company that feels the work has a market, and they doing all the marketing so that you can continue to write and be published has vanished.

Today there are many choices of how to get your word out there; and the technology to make it happen. One now not only becomes an author, but also needs to be a speaker, and marketing expert.

At “Simply” Sue Speaks! we have published authors that can help coach, edit, and teach writers how to become published authors; and the speaking, marketing, and technical skills that are needed to showcase the work of an author.

Our sought after professional authors are successful in their chosen genre, and are available as speakers and trainers for building your business as an author, and for using technology to market and have a successful career as an author.

Whether in the world of self-publishing or traditional publishing, we provide creative professional authors that will enhance your next writers workshops, seminars, conferences, retreats; or serve as guests and panelists on your TV and Radio shows.


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