Weekly #WOWfactor-Thankful Thursday Marketing Tip!

ThankfulThursday1Thankful Thursday Marketing Tip: Do you know the new rules of selling and how the buyers have changed?

We all sell everyday in some way or another, don’t we? How is it working for you? To give you a place to start and see what is changing and find some solutions for you, I recommend this Slide-Share presentation called “The New Rules of Selling” by David Meerman Scott, Marketing and Sales Strategist. http://slidesha.re/1phdvKy

Hope you enjoy! Have a great holiday week-end, and Happy Selling!


Weekly #WOWfactor-3 Key Secrets to Living the Life You Want!

studentsDo you know what the 3 Key Secrets to living the life you want are? Take a minute and challenge yourself, and see what you come up with!  I would love to hear your comments!

Recently I was asked to speak to an awesome group of High School sophomores and juniors who were graduating from a 2 year program of service sponsored by their local Chamber of Commerce! They had learned and demonstrated great skills and abilities, and had served their community well! My challenge was to motivate them into their successful futures and help them continue this experience of service into their daily lives, in 30 minutes or less!

Normally I am booking other speakers instead of myself;  but this was an honor and a joy to do! I had met a lot of these students, and it would help me keep connected to what I promote, and be a great experience of seeing how the 6 Generations in the Workplace communicate with each other!

When I arrived that day I found not only the students, but their parents, friends, town officials, and Chamber members. I love crowds and  I was “in my zone” and ready for a great time!

I knew I had just seconds to get them involved. My first message was to give them permission to Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and take notes on any device they chose!  They agreed to keep their ring tones down, so I wouldn’t want to stop and listen to their music!

I gave them the challenge as I did to you, to share what the 3 secrets were!  They had great points and ended up complimenting what I had in mind all along!
Here are the 3 Secrets and how to live them out loud every day!

  1. Know Who You Are- I’m talking about the ‘real” you when no one is looking! This is key because it will help you avoid comparing yourself to others, and help you develop your strengths rather than wasting time working to improve your weaknesses! How do you know the “real” you? By accepting, loving, and believing in yourself without wishing to be someone else. Learn to not let your “imperfections” (and we all have them) become your identity! Learn to be comfortable in your own skin and in turn will help others be comfortable with you and overlook everything else!
  2. Have a Positive Attitude- Your mind is a funny thing, isn’t it? What you put in it is what you become. Having a positive attitude is a choice, and begins the moment you wake up each day! How is it possible to keep a positive attitude in this negative world? It’s important to choose the right things to read, such as this #1 Best-seller: “Work Positive in a Negative World” by Dr. Joey Faucette.  Other choices are watching what you view on TV and YouTube, and how you see yourself as a valuable person. Fear, doubt, worry, and discouragement are all around, but positive information and faith will guide you in overcoming the negative and face life with a smile and seek solutions and not excuses!
  3. Choose Carefully Who You Surround Yourself With- Jim Rohn says: “You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  If this is true, isn’t it worth making sure you make the right choices of whom you spend your time with? Right now as you read this think of the 5 people you spend the most time with! Are they positive and uplifting? Do they know who “they” are? Do they build you and others up, not down? Is it possible you might need to make some changes?

See how these fit together in the daily adventure of life? To have a life you want means to share, care, volunteer, and serve. It’s not about you at all! You are already unique and special, you need to keep focused on knowing and living who you really are, keeping a positive attitude, and surrounding yourself with the right people!

Amazingly I saw these students and others writing down what I was sharing, and afterwards they were still talking more about their how’s and what they planned to do in their lives! I saw the future of our nation, future leaders, and future families represented there, and I am so thankful their parents, friends, and community leaders got to see it too!

I left there with reinforcement for my life, and a picture which you see above, of those students as they begin a new chapter in their lives! Are you ready to begin a new day of living your life out loud knowing the 3 secrets that will make it happen?
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Weekly #WOWfactor- Go for the Dream


Many people I meet share their dreams; but few are actually living them out! What is it that makes us afraid to pursue what we know we are meant to be and do? There are two deciding factors that come into play at this point!  The biggest is the lack of belief in ourselves, and the other is surrounding ourselves with those who don’t believe in us either!

To address the first one it takes making a choice on keeping your  mindset and attitude focused on being positive and living in your strengths and not your weaknesses. Sounds simple for me to state, but not so easy to do, is it?  Some things to review quickly are: what do you read, how much time do you spend watching TV, how many times a day do you say “I can’t”, how healthy are you,  and how many times a day do you laugh? Renewing our minds daily is very important and key to making sure we are valuing ourselves and following our dream. It also helps us to face and view the hard times, decisions and choices as learning experiences instead of giving in and quitting!

Handling the second factor will certainly help! Jim Rohn said it best: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Take a look at who you spend the most time with. Do you have 5? Do you know who they are? Do they know it? Need to make some changes? Relationships are so valuable in how we live out our purpose and the pursuing of our dreams. Take a look at your five: are they uplifting, positive people? Are they living their dream? Do you need to make some changes?

In America we are so blessed and able to pursue our dreams. Are you ready to Go for it? What will your world look like a year from now?  I believe in you! I know you can Go for Your Dream! The question is: do you?

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Weekly #WOWfactor- Oops- Wrong Color!

badhairdayI know white or grey are not my fashion colors, and that goes for hair too!  I choose to do my own color, and have always made it work; till this week!  I went to buy my favorite brand and they were out of my shade!  But another brand I hadn’t used before had the same shade and looked the same on the box, so off I went! What a mistake! I ended up not with auburn hair, but orange! I know for some it could look great, but not on me!  So I had to meet clients with orange hair till I could get it back to normal!

Does that ever happen in your business? You have a plan, and you have goals to meet the plan, but something or someone blocks your way and you choose to take a another path that doesn’t  turn out well! What do you do? Give up and say it will never be the same again and quit? Or do you go back to your original plan, see what you can learn from taking the wrong path, and begin again with excellence as the focus and complete the journey?

Today I fixed that color! Is it back the same?  Close, but I learned I cannot substitute something else for what is working and listen to others and myself thinking it will turn out with the same results!

I just heard, a large company in our area is changing their management team- it will be the fourth time in six months!  Looks like they have made an Oops! and got the wrong color, and still haven’t been able to learn from it!

Hope today on this Thankful Thursday that you know how to learn from your Oops! and begin again on your journey to success!




Weekly #WOWfactor-Do You Have a “To Do” or a “To Try” List?

yesornoI read a post this week that I felt we all needed to focus on! It was on Google + by  Tracy Myers, sharing this “profound statement” his 12 year old son had said that morning: “I’m not going to try and be successful. I’m just going to be successful.”  Tracy added, “Positive affirmation works! Believe that!”

This statement triggered my mind  into wondering: how many times do we make out our daily “to do” list and really intend to do it, or is it just a “try” list, and not a positive affirmation that we will do and not just try to do?

Do we realize the real difference between “try” and “do?”  I found that in many other languages the word “try” is not used as we do!  How many times do you find yourself saying “I’ll try” or “I’m trying” daily versus the mindset of  saying Yes I am or No I’m not?

As for me I don’t want my doctor to “try” and solve my issues, I want him to do it, don’t you? How about the pilot on your next plane trip? I don’t want them to “try” to get me to my destination, I want to arrive safely and on time.

I’m sure my clients don’t want me to “try” and provide a speaker or presenter for their next event, they are expecting me to just “do it” and yes, bring the “WOW” factor as well!

In my business and life, I’m in agreement with Tracy’s son: I’ve eliminated the “try” stage in my mind, and in my language. Either I am being and doing, or I’m not! Do I fail? Sure, but then I learn and continue on being and doing!

Take a look at your day.  Are you in the business of doing, or are you just “trying ?”

Keeping it simple,






Weekly #WOWfactor- Is Being Appreciated in the Workplace Important?

appreciationRecently on our great business trip adventure I was honored to meet Dr. Gary Chapman, marriage counselor and author of the #1 Best-seller “The Five Love Languages:The Secret to Love That Lasts.”  Isn’t it amazing that I had to travel 1200 miles to meet someone who is located only 45 minutes from my home?

Upon being introduced to Dr. Chapman he immediately called me Sue and asked where I was from! When I said Greensboro, NC we could immediately relate as he is from Winston-Salem,NC.  He left me with the feeling of  being valued and appreciated! Then as he addressed the audience of thousands he made you feel that he was only speaking to you, and was able to engage everyone into his powerful message!

How does he do that?  I was later to learn he has co-authored a book, “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace,” with Dr. Paul White.  After reading it I realized this is the key to doing business and living life; by not only knowing your “love language”  and recognizing the language of the others you interact with, but also knowing really how to encourage and empower others by appreciating them in a way they understand you are “real” and “sincere.”

Do you know your “Love Language?”  Can you see how that can relate to “appreciation in the workplace?”  Just so you will know when we meet, or next time I see you mine is “Words of Affirmation!”

Have a great Thankful Thursday living the best version of you possible!




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