Are You Stuck? 6 Keys to Moving Forward!

stuckHow many times have you found yourself in situations where you are “stuck” in the moment?  It could be right now! How does it feel? You have hit a snag in your professional or personal life and you are paralyzed and unable to move on!  All you can dwell on is the issue and you can’t “let it go!” It becomes all you think about and you begin to beat yourself up, because it must be your fault somehow! It can make you angry, frustrated, and becomes the controlling factor of your life! You just cannot shake it!

I remember one of my favorite words of wisdom that the late Dr. Wayne Dyer shared was this:stuckwaynedyer


When we hit these rough and challenging times if we let it go far and long enough, they can stop us from reaching our full potential, and eventually cause us to give up and quit and live in the memories of regret!

I don’t want your business or life to ever get to the place where you want to quit or give up, because I have discovered 6 KEYS that will open your mind and heart, show you a direction to get back on track,  and keep you moving forward.

  • Admit to yourself you are “stuck!”  Write down what the issue is!
  • Walk away from the situation for a short while and focus on something else
  • Pray and meditate on the blessings that you are thankful and grateful for-write them down
  • Get some planned exercise- you would be amazed at what an hour of walking or Zumba will do
  • Now you are ready to share with a positive person in your life the real issue and let them help you reach a solution
  • Be thankful you went through this time- now you can prevent it in your future and be able to help someone else through it

We all can get “stuck” at any given time. It can surprise us and challenge us! Now we do not have to give in and let it destroy our joy, peace, and happiness! You are valuable and worth so much more than spending your time being “stuck!”

Sue Falcone

Sue Falcone


Owner: “Simply” Sue Speaks! Global Booking Agency

Can You Be Focused and Have Fun Too?

Dale CarnegiefunPeople often ask me, don’t you have to be serious and focused to attract clients to do business with you?  Really? Wonder why Dale Carnegie said this: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing!”

Can’t you be focused and have fun too? When I mention the word ‘fun” I’ve learned that not everyone thinks of it in the same way! To me being positive, communicating and really listening to people, being energized and wanting to serve first instead of being served demonstrates FUN! Throwing in laughing at yourself and the situations doesn’t hurt either!

Fun can manifest itself in many ways, but the bottom line is wanting others to see you as real, authentic, transparent, and genuinely concerned about them without feeling you are using or want and need something from them!  It’s an art and skill that can be learned without giving up who you are.

Today are you having fun at what you do? Are you successful at doing it your way? I challenge you to expand your reach and see how fun needs to be a part of your business model and core values!

Have fun!  Sue Falcone

Periscope, Are You Scoping? Tips to Be the Best!


Periscope, is the latest live streaming App owned and launched by Twitter in March 2015! It has taken on a global life of its own, where you can quickly share your message in person anytime, it’s easy to set up using your mobile device-phone or iPad, Twitter account and the App, and you can network with others all at the same time as you are learning and sharing with others!

A few of my favorite “Scopers” are:
Carol Andrews- who is a speaker here at our agency
Kim Garst-
Sue B Zimmerman-
Ja’Net Adams-
Joy Cook-
Scott McKain-,
Heather Heuman-

What prevents most people and businesses from doing live streaming is FEAR! It is a reality wake up when you see yourself speaking and all the action that is going on live! Content, connection and being visual always attract people to your business. I see how being on Periscope and listening and interacting with others, and then doing “scopes” yourself can be such a great Social Media addition to your business strategy. To overcome that #FEARfactor you can always do “private” posts where you can practice before going public!

Did I create enough excitement for you to want to download the App and dive in?  Some suggestions first before you go live:

  •  When setting up account include your picture, and fill out your profile completely.
  •  Take time to watch other “scopes” before you do your own.
  •  Be natural and confident of who you are and what you do.
  •  Avoid being a distraction: don’t adjust your clothes, use profanity, or go too long.
  •  Make sure you are using Wifi, otherwise your data plan could explode.
  •  Plan on having featured guests, either live or by Skype.
  •  Always have a CTA-Call to Action.
  •  This is not a perfect science, be patience, keep broadcasting the replay will be fine.
  •  Your broadcasts are only available for 24 hours, subscribe free to
  •  Be a great follower when you listen to others. Comment, give hearts, & share them.
Sue Falcone

Sue Falcone

I love Periscope for our business, and the ability it allows me to showcase and interview our Talent and staff! I normally do two scopes a week, or when things come up I urgently want you to know about; and then I listen to others daily!   Follow us at @simplysuespeaks, and look forward to “scoping’ with you!





How May We Serve You?

globalglobeHope you are having a great Summer of 2015! We are “rockin” and I love what I do and who I get to do it with!

As “Simply” Sue Speaks! Global Booking Agency, we always want it to be about you first and “How May We Serve YOU?”

We bring the “WOWfactor experience to any event, by providing the best #WOWtalent on the Planet!”

We want your audiences to have a memorable and unforgettable experience, and You to be seen as a “Rock Star” for choosing “Simply” Sue Speaks! Global Booking Agency!

We currently are creating a new look for our website to be launched soon, a newsletter that will rock your world, and a more visual Social Media presence!

We are on our way, and “Oh, the Places We’ll Go” ready to help us? Contact us today to see how easy it is to #bookaspeaker for your upcoming event!

#SmartWomenPartner&GrowRich!  I’ve joined forces with WomenPartner. org to highlight the value of using LinkedIn as a source of lucrative cross promotional partners. Our activities will be documented in the free special report “What Women Are Missing When It Comes To LinkedIn” to inspire other women to partner.  Please read our joint post to get a feel for what we are doing and check out my special offer.  Let’s partner to monetize LinkedIn. Ask how you can be a part of our collaboration to get help with filling your seats, coaching hours, books sales, etc.

Sue Falcone

Sue Falcone

Keeping Up with Business?

challengesHow are you doing keeping up with business?  In today’s changing world that can be a challenge! But does it have to be?

Our talent here at “Simply” Sue Speaks! Global Booking Agency love sharing how to overcome the fears and challenges of life with their many different topics sharing their unique content, energy, and creating a “WOW” experience!

I am honored and grateful to represent such great positive successful people who are making a difference in the lives of others, both professionally and personally!

Celebrating Thankful Thursday being grateful and thankful for a business and all the challenges to keep up with, working with and for the best talent on the planet, and serving You our clients with the awesome  “WOW” factor experience that you deserve and expect to find with us!

Are you thankful for keeping up with business, even though it can be tough and challenging? We are here to help you in any way we can! How may we serve you today?

Sue Falcone

Sue Falcone


Have a great day!

















Is Paying Attention a Lost Art?

payingattentionWith all our modern technology do you realize surveys say people are more lonely than ever? Why is that? Have we become so connected with our devices that we have lost the art of meeting face to face and paying attention to the other person first!

In my business “KIP” is so important, how about yours?  I have to “Keep It Personal” as we want to be the solutions generator for making our clients less stressful, provide memorable and practical content, and make them look like a “rock star” for choosing to do business with us!

How else can I do that without paying close attention to their needs, and listening carefully so that I can meet their expectations?  How about your business and your family interactions, are you fully engaged, living intentional, and paying attention?

Is this what is lacking today both in our professional and personal lives? When was the last time you felt someone really was paying attention to you? Let’s begin with each of us becoming known as one that pays attention and listens no matter what else is going on around and see the legacy we can leave of “Keeping it Personal!”

I was inspired to write this by remembering the powerful legacy of Joan Horner, co-founder of Premier Designs Inc. She lived a life of “keeping it personal” and paying attention to each person no matter where or what she was involved in!

What will your legacy be?

Sue Falcone

Sue Falcone




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