The Law of Order: Ignore It and Create Chaos. Apply It and Find Balance!

The Law of Order is a proven, systematic approach to how anything must be done! And it applies in all aspects of your life: personal, professional, physical, spiritual, and financial.  Whether you’re looking for leadership development, increased sales, social media strategies, or work-life balance, the Law of Order provides a sequence of how things must be done in order to achieve the desired result.

The problem is that we often ignore the Law of Order over and over again in both our businesses and personal lives. When you throw one part of your life out of balance, it affects all other aspects of your life–and even the lives of those around you!

The good news is that you’re not alone. It happened to me, too.  Yes, I’ve had major successes, but I’ve also had epic failures. Everyone, at some point, has done something in the wrong order and suffered the consequences, It happens.

I have found there are 7 Business Laws and Processes that govern how we can have the success we want at work while being able to enjoy our personal lives. By applying these principles you’ll get the results you have desired all along.

1.  Inspire and Motivate Others
2.  Character, Integrity, and Honesty Matter
3.  Solve Problems and Create Opportunities
4.  Ensure that Every Decision is Goal Driven
5.  Provide Clear Communication
6.  Build Relationships
7. Invest In and Develop Others

These are the laws and processes: DO them and succeed. DON’T do them and you’re sure to fail.  Ready to succeed?

Nathan Tabor is an entrepreneur, author, business consultant, executive coach, trainer and speaker. He has founded and operated more than two dozen businesses since 1999, grossing over $150 million in sales. His experience spans the areas of commercial real estate acquisition and redevelopment, automobile sales, direct product sales, web-based marketing, and strategic partnership facilitation.

Nathan has been a featured guest on Fox News, Fox and Friends, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, C-Span, and many other radio and TV programs. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St. Andrew’s Presbyterian College and his Master’s degree in Public Policy from Regent University. He is also a member of the John Maxwell Team.
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Speakers; Those Days are Gone! by Julie Austin

You’ve heard the stories. Seasoned speakers will tell you about how they used to do one canned keynote speech and make insane amounts of money on the “circuit”.

I know one well known speaker who was in the $10-15,000 range who got that amount consistently with no problem. But that was years ago. This same speaker has been asked to speak for free and has never recovered those glory days. Sure, she gets some paid jobs now and then, but things are quite different.

She, like many other speakers, are learning new ways to cope with a changing industry. Now she does free seminars and upsells a paid seminar, plus she sells her books and other services. She can still make $10,000 in a weekend, but it takes much more work, and she has to hustle for every penny.

Several other things have affected the speaking business, like the enormous amount of competition that’s entered the field. Every day I talk to former CEOs and celebrities who have sold businesses or simply want to try something different in their life. These are people who have name recognition.

That doesn’t even count the number of people who have been laid off from their corporate jobs or people who want to buy a lottery ticket into the business. Just like Hollywood, the field is extremely crowded with few good paying jobs. Certainly not enough good paid jobs for every speaker.

Okay, so that is the bad news. The good news is that with every disruption in an industry, there are opportunities to make money.

Since half of the speaking jobs out there are free ones, I realized I couldn’t work for free, so I decided to use my background in sponsorship to monetize those jobs. I started in the sponsorship business about 20 years ago when I was working on a TV pilot. My boss came in and asked me to find sponsors for the show, and then left.

I had no idea what to do. I had to figure it out on my own. I ended up going door to door pitching small businesses, and my naiveté worked in my favor because I funded the whole show with those sponsors.

This is why I’ve never spoken for free as a speaker. From day one I always had a sponsor paying the bills if a meeting planner didn’t have a budget to pay. The really good news is that there are tons of free speaking jobs everywhere. And meeting planners need good speakers, even if they can’t pay them. So most will allow you to have your own sponsor as long as it’s not selling from the stage, which this isn’t.

The reason I do small business sponsorship is because it’s much easier than contacting big corporations. Also, there are roughly 18,000 big corporations and over 25 million small businesses just in the US alone.

My first small business sponsor came from Europe and I got a $60,000 sponsorship from them. That was years ago, so that would be worth even more today. Most people think small businesses don’t have enough money to pay speakers, but you would be surprised. It all depends on the value you’re bringing them and how much they’re willing to spend.

The sponsorship business itself has changed in the past few years too. It’s become much more of a customized industry, and the players are changing. This is good for speakers since you have a lot of choices out there. And small business sponsorship is still in its infancy.

There are 2 ways to get sponsorship. You can either get a free job and find a sponsor for it or create your own speaking opportunities and find sponsors for them.

Either way, you won’t be waiting around for a meeting planner or anyone else to give you a job. You create your own speaking career. But there is a lot to learn. I am willing to share my knowledge to help you along the way!

Julie Austin is an award-winning author, speaker, and CEO of Speaker Sponsor, the only online directory for speakers seeking small business sponsorship. She’s been a keynote speaker for corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Northrop Grumman, and Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Her patented product, Swiggies, wrist water bottles, have been a NASDAQ product of the year semi finalist and are currently sold in 24 countries. Julie and her products have appeared on The Today Show, The Queen Latifa Show, HGTV, Lifetime, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News, Inc. magazine, Fast Company, and the Wall Street Journal, along with dozens of TV shows, magazines and radio shows around the world.

Her new book “The Money Garden: How to Plant the Seeds for a Lifetime of Income” is currently available on Amazon.  To learn more and find out how Julie can help you with sponsorships; call 888-766-3155 today.

Remarkably Successful!

A speaker who connects with the audience is relatively effective; a speaker who bonds with them is remarkably successful.  
                        —Janet Perez Eckles

My hand grew wonderfully sore as I signed books for an hour after my keynote presentation. When the room was nearly empty, a woman took me by the arm and asked: “Janet, could I talk to you for a minute?’

I smiled and replied: “Absolutely.”

“As you can see, my organization was blown away by your presentation,” she said. “We have a passionate group here. And I feel proud of them. Often, folks praise me as the President. But really my career has been successful beyond my expectations because of my team. I love my job.

But I have to tell you,” as she squeezed my arm, “what you shared from that stage changed me. You just gave me the clarity to see what I was missing. That’s why I was taking pills to sleep. Stress was about to kill me. But you just gave me the meaning of real success. You put the missing piece to my life’s puzzle. I can’t thank you enough.”

She shared other personal details that left me in awe at God’s way to bring the exact message through me.

If I were to analyze this, I would say there are three reasons:

  1. Humor. Sadly, stress is a way of life in the business world. But humor is the universal bridge to connect with others. Laughter relaxes their muscles, brings down their defenses, and stirs acceptance of the message.
  2. Stories told with transparency and authenticity. Each illustration has to carry an element with which all can identify. The story has to capture their attention and grip their heart. And when real-life examples with an impacting lesson evoke tears, the message becomes unforgettable. 3.
  3. Present practical, doable steps to apply now. Challenge the audience to explore their own potential, nudging them to conquer fear, overcome obstacles and to be bold in declaring their own triumph.

Janet Perez Eckles motto as a speaker for over 15 years is: if you make the audience laugh, they’ll like you. If you make them cry, they’ll never forget you. And if you teach them something to transform them, they’ll want more of you. To learn more and have Janet at your next event contact us at 888-766-3155 today!

3 Key Things a Speaker Must Have!

In today’s business world there are 3 key things a speaker, or anyone operating a business, must have in place!

◊     “The List” of your clients/customers with a CRM system to manage it
◊     Social Media Strategy
◊     Automation of your entire business

These are so important, however we don’t see many people sharing about them, or if they are no one seems to be listening.

We are not fans of taking the “personal touch” out of our business relationships; but putting in place and maintaining these three things are the key to managing your time, resources, and meeting your goals.

Everyone shares all the time: “I don’t have enough time to do it all” Why is that?  For most it means not having a simple plan in place to keep you focused on doing the “right” things, which doesn’t mean “all” things!

Just as “everyone” is not your client, you have to determine who you are, what you do, and with whom you want and need to do business with.

Once those key pieces are in place then you can get these three things up and running, so that you are free to be able to do what you do best!

John Wooden was so right when he said: “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? ”

Is now the time to get it right before you get any further along, and will have missed some great business opportunities?

Sue Falcone
CEO- Remarkable A Speakers Bureau






Time to Join a Speakers Bureau?

Recently I was asked by a well known marketing person, “when should a speaker think about joining a Speakers Bureau?”

I didn’t hesitate or blink an eye and said: “when they are already booking themselves consistently for paid events!”

That led to the next question: “what does a Speakers Bureau really do for a Speaker?”

With over 250 different speakers bureaus currently listed in the United States,  most are thought of only as a listing service rather than as an extension of a speakers’ marketing plan. The major benefit is that the bureau handles the billing and contract negotiation with the event planner.

This is why it is so important for a speaker to know how a bureau operates before they sign on and enable someone other than themselves to find and book speaking engagements for them.

Our interview continued with the question: “what should a speaker ask and have in place before they actually reach out to a speakers bureau?”

I agreed to share what we feel is key to a speakers’ success in choosing a speakers bureau.

  • Realize a speakers bureau does not take start up speakers, they have to be consistently booking themselves for paid speaking events.
  • Check with their speaker friends to see which ones they are listed with.
  • Ask them if they are happy with their bureau.
  • Determine how the speakers bureau will handle the billing and event contracts for them.
  • Understand there is no better booking agent than themselves, however a speakers bureau can give them more traffic and increased bookings.
  • Have a business plan where they see a speakers bureau is not a replacement for their marketing plan, it is only an extension of it.
  • Be very cautious about signing with a speakers bureau that wants a speaker  to be exclusive with them.
  • Determine how they are going to do business with a speakers bureau.  A lot of bureaus now do not have a signed agreement in place with the speakers they represent; but look at it this way, shouldn’t a speaker want one? As a speaker they have one with their clients, so why shouldn’t they have one with someone who is representing them to a client?
  • Make sure they have a total package to offer a speakers bureau, which they should already have in place, and includes:
    –   Being a paid professional speaker for at least two years
    –   Fee structure range
    –   Evidence of consistent bookings
    –   Social Media strategy in place
    –   Marketing materials- one sheet, professional photos, professional video clip,
    recommendations from clients,  list of paid clients, updated website, anything that would help a speakers bureau market them to event planners.
  • There is no guarantee a speakers bureau can get them bookings right away- timing is everything.
  • Know event planners seldom look to a speakers bureau for just one speaker, they usually want 3-5 speakers to look at before making a decision.
  • Choose a speakers bureau that has their best interests at heart, and wants to develop an open relationship of mutual cooperation.

This was a valuable interview experience for both of us.  We came away knowing most professional speakers and event planners still see the value of a speakers bureau, and want to work with those they “know, like, and trust.”   It is a great way to add increased bookings and marketing to a speakers’ business model.

Sue Falcone is the CEO of Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau. She has come full circle in her experience of being a former Corporate Executive that hired speakers, to becoming a sought-after speaker and author being hired, to now representing some of the most Remarkable speakers on the Planet for you to hire.  Sue is a well respected thought leader in the industry of professional speaking.




Are You in the BUT Mode?

How often do you use the word ‘but’…?

It is a powerful word when used occasionally to introduce something contrasting with what has already been mentioned, and, according to author Sean Dsouza, it can also become a defensive excuse for not taking responsibility for what happens in our lives!

Have you ever said “I would love to be living my dream, but I don’t have the money and opportunities others do?”  Or how about this one, “I have applied everywhere, but everyone says I am overqualified?” This one, which is specific to our industry, “I was the perfect speaker for that event, but they don’t pay speakers anymore.”

Or the classic, “I was the best candidate for the job, but I knew they wouldn’t hire me because of my age.”

What messages do these “buts” say about the person proclaiming it, and how are others supposed to react?  Words say what our mindset is feeling, and to keep in this mode is very distracting to others and can become devastation to the success we seek.

Is it possible to have a life with “no buts?”  Want to make a change? Here are some ways to begin:

  1. Recognize that you are being defensive and not taking responsibility for your actions so that the ‘buts’ win, both in your words and life.
  2. Take a look at your mindset and see if you are fixed on the failures or learning from the daily growth experiences that failure brings.
  3. Check out who you associate with. Do they allow the ‘buts’ to take over their mindset and words?
  4. Make a choice and decision to change.

Two words I am working at deleting from my own and others’ conversation and mindset are: ‘try’ instead do or do not,  and ‘but’ instead use and. Will you join me?

Sue Falcone
CEO- Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau

Is ‘Rest’ Important in Your Life?

rest-1Merry Christmas everyone, and hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.  As we take time to spend with family and friends living out the true meaning of the holiday, anyone find it hard to actually take time to “REST?”

Why is that? Medical science tells us we are more creative, productive, and will live longer when we value our ‘rest’ time as much as we do the hours we spend at work.

As a CEO of a thriving company, and a person that was brought up to love to work as my identity; resting is a struggle. Anyone else in the same situation?

According to the latest figures I am not alone. We, in America, are working longer work weeks, for longer span of our lifetimes, and feel resting is a luxury we cannot afford.

During this beautiful Christmas season of 2016 and beyond I am making a choice to not be like everyone else.  Can we choose to see the value of rest, and plan how we are going to make it a priority going forward?  This is not a matter of New Years’ ‘resolutions’, it is a priority of health, business success, wellness, and security.

Some tips to consider are:
1.      Find your worth and security that is not based on your work and achievement.
2.      Prioritize better and plan time for rest.
3.      Set definite work hours and quit on time.
4.      Organize your work and work space.
5.      Exercise regularly-no longer using work as an excuse not to do so.
6.      Spend time resting with your family and friends with no guilt.
7.      Spend less time in front of the TV which suggests we need to work more.
8.      Do something every day you love doing that is not related to your work.
9.      Create an easier lifestyle that focuses on the important and not the image of
always having to be working.

Wishing for you and your family, a wonderful Christmas, where you begin making a new way of life, where rest is valued and see how your work life becomes easier and less stressful!

 “I heard the bells on Christmas Day, their old familiar carols play, and wild and sweet the Word repeats, of peace on earth goodwill to men.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

 Have you heard the bells lately?

Sue Falcone-CEO




Sponsored to Speak- by Julie Austin

sponsors2Like any industry, the speaking industry was bound to change. Anyone who has been in it for the past few years has seen it change dramatically in a short period of time. Now about half of all paid speaking jobs are free ones.

In other words, meeting planners will pay the people to sweep the floors at their events, but don’t pay the very people who are the heart and soul of the conference. Sometimes they simply don’t have the money in the budget.

After hearing this enough times, I decided to use my problem solving skills and 20 years of sponsorship experience to find another way for speakers to get paid without having to sell from the stage, which they won’t let you do anyway.

I started asking meeting planners if I could get my own sponsor. That way they get a good speaker for free, the audience isn’t “sold” to, the speaker gets paid, and the sponsor gets in front of their target audience. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Speaker sponsorship is a great way to add extra income to your paid speaking jobs, or you could create your own speaking career using sponsorship. There are two ways to make money from speaker sponsorship. One is to find sponsors for those free jobs. They are easy to find. Meeting planners always need good speakers who are willing to speak for free. Get the meeting planner to pay your expenses, and the sponsor pays your speaking fee. Then you promote the sponsor at the same time you are promoting yourself as a speaker.

The other way is to create your own speaking jobs. Put on your own events and get one or more sponsors to pay for it. This is how I got paid the very first time I spoke in public. I put on a job fair and made $2500 from sponsors. I got to deliver a 30 minute speech and made money without having to wait for a paid job. $2500 isn’t too bad for a first speaking job!

When other speakers started asking me how I got paid when they didn’t, I decided to put together a directory so that speakers and sponsors could meet each other for possible sponsorship. I then put together a 4 hour webinar to teach speakers how to get sponsorship and how to work with sponsors so they want to keep sponsoring them. It also includes dozens of ways to create unique speaking opportunities and ways to promote them. It comes with a one hour private coaching session, all templates, free crowd-funding, and a free one year listing in Speaker Sponsor.

Yes, the speaking industry has changed. But now you have more opportunities to create your own path as a speaker without having to wait for the phone to ring!

Julie Austin is an Award-winning Speaker, Author, and Inventor/Innovator  with an International NASDAQ Winning Product.
To book Julie for your next event call us at 888-766-3155.



Go for the True Followers!

googlecanlearnSocial Media can work for any business if the right strategy, mindset, and work ethic is in place!

We have seen many people jump into Social Media thinking they do not have to interact or communicate with those that choose to follow them, and by just putting great content out there they will received increased business!

Or on the other hand, we have seen those that will not touch Social Media, stating there is no data indicating that it helps anyone at all, it is too time consuming, and a waste of time! Tell that one to the thousands that are seeing success every day!

You do not increase or grow your business by the quantity of the numbers you have following you, it is by the quality of people you have that are liking, sharing, and interacting with you that really counts.

Social Media makes it easier and faster to develop relationships with true followers, fans, and friends.

Make conscious choices of who you follow, and who you allow to follow you! Everyone is not your target audience, only those that like, trust, and want to get to know you!

Don’t write off Social Media as a fad, or that it doesn’t work for you, until you check out how you are approaching and working at it.

We believe in the value of Social Media both for those that are working or wanting to work for others, and all business owners!

Let’s choose to do it right!  Love to connect with you if you want to build a relationship where we can help you, and you see how you can help us.

Our friend, Zig Ziglar, had it right when he shared:
“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want first!”

Have a Remarkable Social Media Week!

Sue Falcone
Founder and CEO
Simply Sue Speaks
Global Booking Agency