Life Coaching

 At “Simply” Sue Speaks! we provide coaching geared toward specific, personal and professional goals; either in an individual, group, or conference setting.

Whatever your needs might be our professional coaches can help coach you and your audience on into success!

Life coaching is often referred to as personal life coaching because it takes into consideration many areas of a persons’ life. This can include work and career, relationships, fun and adventure, physical health, emotional health, finances, contributions to others, and spiritual-well being.

While some individuals are motivated to hire a coach to help them with a problem or specific goal; total life coaching focuses to create blending and balance across an individual or an entire group to create significance.

A life coach helps people discover their true passions, values and life purpose; assisting them in developing and implementing a plan to make their dreams a reality and creating a life that they love.

Our life coaches with their years of experience serve as motivators, guides and cheerleaders, all of which will help clients and groups create the life they need and want, with the latest tools and techniques to make it happen.

We do not choose to serve as counselors, but can bring to your group or to an individual, the creative ways that can give them the knowledge so they make the needed changes on their own.


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