SSSBanner“Simply” Sue Speaks! as a Company-

“I found it was so easy booking a speaker for our monthly meeting through “Simply” Sue Speaks! Anything I needed was provided promptly. All details were confirmed before the event by Sue; which normally I have to do. This was a nice touch. Sue provided the “right” speaker for our group, and we even want to have her back. I am recommending “Simply” Sue Speaks! for our State and Division Board, and our International blog. Thanks, Sue for everything!”

-Sherry Waycaster, Program Director of the Winston-Salem Chapter, International Association of Administrative Professionals


“Sue has been a breeze to work with in scheduling speakers on a variety of topics. I appreciate the group of presenters that Sue has put together and her energy in getting valuable information about her speakers to me so that I can make a good decision when choosing a presenter. As the Small Business Center Director, I am asked to bring good information to a variety of groups. Small business owners and many more have enjoyed the presentations provided by Simply Sue Speaks!”

-Martha Thomas Larson, Davidson County Community College, Director, Small Business Center


“I recently had the opportunity to listen to three speakers provided by “Simply” Sue Speaks! I was so overwhelmed with the speakers presentations and especially how Sue Falcone, owner of “Simply” Sue Speaks! interacted with the audience; that I came back to work and immediately told my colleagues about Sue and what her company provides for their audiences. If you are looking for excellent professional speakers who bring the “WOW” factor to any event, I highly recommend you doing business with “Simply” Sue Speaks! Visit her website at and you will find a complete listing of her speakers, services they provide, and their audiences”

-Valjean Grant, Administrative Assistant, Winston-Salem State University


“Excellent in all areas of the services provided including assistance in planning, marketing, presenting and execution of project debriefings. We highly recommend “Simply” Sue Speaks!, and plan to continue the utilization of Sue and her team of professionals.” 

-Ervin Allen Jr., Director of Small Business Center at Alamance Community College


“It is my pleasure to recommend “Simply” Sue Speaks! and Sue Falcone as an excellent source of speakers and presenters related to entrepreneurship and small business. She goes beyond just putting proposals together. Sue and her company help both in the planning process as well as in the execution and delivery of the events. I highly recommend “Simply” Sue Speaks! and the quality speakers that she represents, working with this company helps to create quality programs and events.”

-Mark T. Hagenbuch, Director, GTCC Small Business Center


“Sue has helped us and many of our partners with a number of events. She can always be counted on to assess the requirements and qualifications needed for any event, and provide the best presenters, who tailor their presentations to fit the audience being addressed. Most recently, she assisted us with two very successful Veteran’s events that were sponsored by our legislative representatives.”

-Bob Weston, Director, Triad Regional Service Center, SBTDC at WSSU, NCA&T and UNCG


David Calhoun-

“I was most impressed with how you customized your presentation to both utilize our product line information and build upon the basic theme of the conference.”

-A. Randall Ourt, AT&T


“Your professionalism and dedication make a difference, and helped our booth to be the best of the meeting. The way you tailored your presentation to the messages we were trying to get across, was just outstanding.”

-Richard A. Riedel, Novartis

Dr. Joey Faucette-

“The Longwood SBDC has hosted Dr. Joey Faucette as a trainer and keynote speaker at our events, and it is with great enthusiasm that we recommend him as a speaker. Joey’s greatest strengths are his empathic listening skills and his talent for transforming an interaction or thought process into a lasting positive experience for all. He is a fabulous speaker and you would not regret hiring him as a trainer.”

-Sheri McGuire, Executive Director, Longwood University SBDC


“I am proud and pleased to wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Joey Faucette as a trainer and speaker. It has been my pleasure to hear Dr. Joey speak and to participate in his training sessions.  In June, 2013, he presented at the VSBDC’s Professional Development Conference in Norfolk and wowed my colleagues.  Also he is currently featured on the VSBDC website as one of our success stories!  His enthusiasm is contagious and his ideas for dealing with people, problems and opportunities refreshing.”

-Diane Arnold, MBA, CBA, Director, SBDC, Longwood University , Danville, Va.


“I would highly recommend Dr. Faucette as a person who will not only get the job done but will go above and beyond providing the best Presentation that you will encounter. I have come to know and highly respect Dr. Joey. I have attended several of his presentations and they are all beyond incredible. He is very informative, entertaining and very personal. You can sense the audience relaxing and truly enjoying what he has to say because of his ability to engage his audience.”

-Pat Hood, Director, Crater Small Business Development Center, Longwood University, Petersburg, Va.


“You are one of the best speakers we have ever had! In my 30+ years I have been organizing conferences, I have never seen a speaker invest so much of themselves and really help, not only the group, but each person.”

-Douglas Fry, Executive Director, Southeastern Advertisers & Publishers Association


“You are without doubt the speaker who is a catalyst for success!”

-Herman Dixon, NAIFA


“I have been in healthcare over 40 years and have never had so many associates thank me for having such a wonderful speaker.”

-Chris Carney, CEO, Virginia Eye Institute


“This book, Work Positive in a Negative World, shows you how to unleash and channel your positive energy to get more done, better and faster than you ever thought possible.”

-Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker and Author ofHow the Best Leaders Lead


“Read Dr. Joey’s Work Positive in a Negative World and discover how to be one of those rare people that creates happiness wherever they go. If you do, you’ll be labeled a big thinker and get to chart your own course.”

-Michael Port, Speaker and Author ofBook Yourself Solid


“To apply the strategies in this book is to dramatically improve your business and life—period. Dr. Joey’s insights into how to Work Positive in a Negative World provide a powerfully effective blueprint for achieving higher levels of success in all areas of your life, to the point where others will be specifically seeking you out because they want the chance to network with you!”

-Ivan Misner, New York Times bestselling Author and Founder of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization


“Read Work Positive in a Negative World is about power, action and principle. It’s helpful, breezy and most of all, paradigm shifting. In our always-on, negative-oriented media culture, Dr. Joey’s book is a gift. Read it and change your life for the better!”

-Tim Sanders, Speaker, New Your Times bestselling Author of Today We Are Rich


Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, PhD- 

“Dr. Woody is as genuine as they come. I recommend his book “The YOU Plan” to everyone who is looking for a job, thinking about a career change, or just starting their careers. He is able to present what Psychologists know about careers in a way that everyone can learn and benefit from.”

-Lori LePla, Ph.D., Manager of Global Talent Management at General Motors


“If you are looking for that extra edge in these challenging times, The YOU Plan is it! Dr. Woody lays out a positive and forward thinking approach to thriving in the New Economy that not only challenges the reader to think, but to take action.”

-Jon Gordon, #1 Best Selling Author of The Energy Bus


“At a time when so many are trying to find new direction for their life The YOU Plan by Dr. Woody offers a clear practical guide to assessing who you are, and where to go from here. Young and old, will benefit from Dr. Woody’s thoughtful and provoking insights.”

-Modesto A Maidique, Executive Director of the Florida International , University Center for Leadership


Barbara Hemphill-

“You helped to make our conference a great success! Many of the attendees had remarked that you were the highlight of the conference. You were able to communicate a great deal of practical information.”

-Mary Jo Delfosse, Director, National Association of Tax Practitioners


“You provided not only the impetus to get started but the tools to keep going…a professional in the truest sense!!”



“If attendance is a good barometer, the SRO crowd that turned out for your “Technology Is Not a Substitute for Organization” means that your reputation precedes you!”

-Ann T. Gilligan, Maryland Library Association


“For most people, personal organization of life’s clutter is intimidating and daunting. Barbara shared the clutter remedies as simple steps and actions that our attendees felt that they could implement immediately to lessen the clutter anxiety and get control of their environments—personally and professionally.”

-Andrea Reno, Director of Special Projects, Marketing and Communications, YMCA of USA


“Barbara Hemphill is a pioneer in the field of organizing and paper management — now she’s taking those same principles and applying them to a new program “Almost Paperless™.” No surprise that she has a huge following among professional organizers and those who appreciate the importance of “Taming the Paper Tiger®.”

-Jeff Davidson, “The Work-Life Balance Expert®” Thought Leader, Professional Speaker, Award-winning Author, and Columnist


Debbie Wright-

“Debbie Wright, managing Partner for Breakthrough Access Solutions is a valuable asset to us, not only as a member, but for her seminars she shares on best business practices and the inner workings of compliance.  We even realized the Reidsville Chamber needed some updating and she provided the end solution with fantastic results.  I recommend Debbie to anyone without reservation. Her knowledge and capabilities provide information and solutions to the needs of any business owner.”

-Diane Sawyer, President and CEO, Reidsville Chamber of Commerce


“It was a good summary of information on the Affordable Care Act, which has spread all over the internet. It was clear Debbie has done and continues to do a very good research on the subject. She pointed out the positive and the negative aspects of the healthcare program, not emphasizing her own views but rather suggesting better ways to deal with the new Health Care program.  For me it was very beneficial to her personal family experience with the Program, as I could relate to her story.”

-Nadja Morris, Walkertown Library Manager


Kelly Swanson-

“Kelly Swanson was a real treat at our convention. She had the audience belly-rolling with laughter. She has a way to connect with people-not just with humor but also sympathy and encouragement.  Kelly really learned about our industry and the people she was addressing.  She even wrote us a poem that had everyone on their feet requesting a copy.  There has been such bad news spread to so many industries this past year, but it was a delight to have Kelly at our conference to give them a boost. Honestly, the best speaker we ever had.”

-Amy Bryson, NC Association of Long Term Care Facilities


Carol Andrews-

“Carol is a producer’s dream talent! Her media experience and listening skills allow her to quickly understand the needs of each project and deliver on target. Simply put, she’s the best in the business!”

-Diane Stevio, Vice President, McWhorter Concepts, Inc.


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