Whether you are looking for a speaker for an hour keynote or a week-end retreat, our professional speakers at “Simply” Sue Speaks! can customize and turn your event into a unique memorable occasion for all.

We bring wit, charisma, passion and inspiration to the table to help evoke motivation within your organization.

We want your group to experience joy and excitement while acquiring the motivation necessary to leave there wanting to do something.  Regardless of “age or stage”, everyone wants to feel strong and operate at their best. We have the speakers, the stories, the humor and the content to help your organization or group do just that!

A good speaker should inspire you with truth. The stories of their life, their accomplishments, and the nuggets they have learned along the way. At “Simply” Sue Speaks!, our speakers are full of life and energy, truth, humor and wisdom. We will give your group an impacting presentation backed up with real life content to inspire and challenge them to take action.


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